Flying Coach

“The bad news is time flies,
the good news is you are the pilot.”


Flying Coach helps you to bring out the best in yourself.  Be the best ‘you’, you can be. You are the leader in your life en you know… this flight you will have to fly alone, all by yourself.

You are the leader in your company too and also … for that flight you are the pilot.

We will guide you to fly that flight, literally and figuratively. You will obtain new results in your company, in your life, whatever the ‘flight goals’ may be.

The potential goals can be:

– setting and reaching stretched goals

– taking strategic and operational decisions

– development of management skills

– development of leadership skills

– following procedures and dealing with task saturation

– stressmanagement and dealing with deadlines

– internal and external information and communication (workforce and customers)

Be careful, this is not a flight school. You will fly literally into the metaphore though, and you will be observed, debriefed and coached.

1. Flightplanning

You have set your goals and you need to learn and experience the impact of all different elements to stay focused. You will learn to organize and manage yourself in order to reach these goals within the deadlines.

Because of circumstances you could get burned-out easily, and feel the need to resupply. In reality you also are carrying luggage and you also need to determine the correct centre of gravity to optimize flight performance.

In aviation terms : Determination of the destination – weather reports, weather forecasts and-circumstances – fuel and oil – weight and balance.

2. In flight

After the flightplanning, we will take off and fly for real. You will be in the safe hands of very experienced flight instructors, part of our worldwide network.

A certified Flying Coach is also present in the aircraft to debrief you after the flight.

You will be :

  • Flying the airplane (take off, straight & level, climb, turns, landings)
  • Dealing with airplane restrictions (maximum flightheight, loss of capacity, …)
  • Reading and using instruments (flight instruments and communication / navigation instruments)
  • Dealing with external factors (airtraffic rules, other traffic, changing meteorological circumstances, human performance, passengers)

In case you get the hang of flying, and if you would like to obtain your private pilot license, you are already one step ahead.

Your life won’t be the same anymore!

“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there your will long to return.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

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