Karina Verhoeven is a coach/trainer that stays with you.

Because she brings out the best in you.
Because she touches you.
Because she is exciting and disarming.

She works hands-on in her workshops, she is humoristic and truthful, despite the circumstances, literally and figuratively.

Karina colors through communication. Since the eighties she’s working as a freelancer and she has been training hundreds of people. Maybe thousands, who knows … because she is working for small, medium and large groups.

Karina is a pilot, her partner learned her to fly in the U.S.A. before he died. He gave her a present for life: a private pilote license for single engine aircraft. Nobody could ever take away this present.

In the meantime she is combining her passion for flying with her passion for training and coaching. As flying coach she lifts you up, out of your comfort zone. She developed a methodology to let go literally and figuratively all your troubles behind and go on with your purpose, in business and private life, to focus on your goals, to get new results and to land safely and conscious into the reality.

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